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ASIQ Ltd. Releases Apple Bluetooth Apps For iPhone and iPad In-Flight Connectivity


Melbourne Australia (PRWEB) November 14, 2011


ASiQ Limited is pleased to announce that their in-flight connectivity Apps, “BizjetMobile” and “iJetCell” are now available from the Apple iTunes App. store.



Press Release

ASiQ releases iPad Bluetooth App to repalce Wi-Fi in the Cockpit.
Ipad Bluetooh Cockpit Link

Melbourne Australia June 17th. 2011 - ASiQ Limited, the developers of the patented SafeCell mobile phone system, announced today that they have developed an iPad Bluetooth App that can overcome the problems associated with the use of Wi-Fi in aircraft cockpits.

Recently, Wi-fi hit the headlines regarding interference with cockpit displays. It was reported that under testing, Wi-fi managed to blank out the cockpit displays on a B737NG, which resulted in Boeing suspending Wi-fi installations.


This has become an issue for airlines wanting to use iPad’s in the cockpit for crew communications, as part of their Electronic Flight Bags programs “EFB”.

Ron Chapman, ASiQ’s CEO, said “the issue for Wi-Fi is that under certification testing, in order to provide an acceptable safety margin, wireless transmitters are powered up to 5 times their maximum power. In the case of Wi-Fi, this turns a 1000 milliwatt transmitter into a 5000 milliwatt transmitter. 

Now compare this to the Intel Aircraft safety Report on Bluetooth.


During aircraft testing, Bluetooth was powered up to 500 times its normal power and at a distance of only 10 cm, was still below the aircraft standards. So it is fairly safe to assume that Bluetooth at 5 times its normal power should not be an issue at all.”

Ron also said “it was during the development of our new iPhone App for corporate jets, that we realised we could deliver a similar data service on the iPad.  What makes it really exciting is that our iPhone Bluetooth proprietary software currently allows up to 3 Apple devices to communicate simultaneously, which means that both pilots and the head of the cabin crew could all have access. Combine this with our satellite/radio controller and message distribution software and you now have a very low cost mobile solution that airlines can implement for crew data communications”

About Bluetooth
Class 2 Bluetooth is standard in the majority of portable devices and as its maximum output is only 2.5 milliwatts, or 500 times less than Wi-Fi, makes it ideal for the aircraft environment. The combination of Bluetooth’s low power and the way it operates is the reason it is documented as safe for use in aircraft. Bluetooth can accommodate up to 3Mbps, which is more than enough bandwidth for the cockpit.