Adam Chapman

Director Corporate Jets

Adam Chapman is the Director of Corporate Jets for BizjetMobile's distribution network, having served in the role since 2012. 
Adam is responsible for the day-to-day operation of BizjetMobile - a leading supplier of alternative aircraft connectivity solutions. 
Adam has several years of global business experience combined with a passion for marketing and aviation.

About Us

​Robert Pleydell

Principal Software Engineer 

Robert Pleydell is Principal Software Engineer for the ASI Group, having served in the role for ASiQ Pty Ltd. and ASI Technologies Pty Ltd. since 2004. 
Robert is responsible for guiding software development of ASI programs for airlines and business aviation. 
Prior to joining ASI, Robert held the position of Senior R&D Engineer at Fujitsu for five years. 
Robert graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from Monash University. 


Always ahead of our time
Our executive team are inspired people who draw on their creativity and experience in order to keep ASI at the forefront of aviation communication technology.

Phil Shiels 


​Phil Shiels is Director of Finance for the ASI Group, having served on the board of ASiQ Pty Ltd. and ASI Technologies Pty Ltd since 1996. 
Phil operates Shiels & Co., Victoria, Australia, a private consulting practice providing management and corporate advisory services. 
Phil graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from RMIT in 1976 and has been an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia since 1978.

Graham Chappell 


Graham Chappell is a Director of the ASI Group, serving on the board of ASiQ Pty Ltd and as a consultant to ASI Technologies Pty Ltd since its inception.
Graham has over 40 years experience in the aerospace and military industry, having held the position of Principal of Chappell Salikin Weil Associates Pty Ltd., an aerospace, technology and defence consultancy organisation.
Graham graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer from RMIT.

After Company founder and President Ron Chapman broke industry ground in 1983 by inventing a new security technology system for aircraft, he had a vision. He would provide aircraft communications not only for security purposes, but also for passengers. In 1986 the ASI Group was established and so began the journey to give people connectivity in the sky. 

The ASI Group has a 30 year-old history of flying new communication technologies worldwide. As a Group, we have pioneered the development of the world's first aircraft security system to incorporate a Windows PC on a B737; the world's first certified Cabin Crew Satellite Data Link for Qantas; the global Interflora 'Flowers from the Sky' program, using the cabin terminal to deliver a value-added service; a digital destination advertising system on Air Europa and Hawaiian Airlines; a new generation aircraft electronic logbook application for Airone Italy; and the world's first Bluetooth access point to deliver inflight communications, a platform that now supports our unique business jet and airline programs. And this only scratches the surface of our lifetime of achievements. 

Our highly talented and experienced team are forward thinkers - creating solutions to problems now and in the future. We then bring to life these inventions. We revolutionise. And we get results. 

It started with a vision



Ron Chapman is President of the ASI Group, CEO of ASiQ Pty Ltd., and a major shareholder of ASiQ Pty Ltd. and ASI Technologies Pty Ltd. 

Ron founded the ASI Group in 1986. He has successfully overseen product development and marketing across the Group, having launched several products globally.
Between 1983 and 1986 Ron formed Chapman International, a developer of home, marine and aircraft security systems. The incorporation of the ASI Group allowed Ron to develop the world's first monitored aircraft security surveillance system in the late 1980s. The world's first certified Cabin Crew satellite Data Link was developed for Qantas in the 1990s followed by the launch of the ASI-9000 video server infotainment system with CMC Electronics. 
For the past decade Ron has directed ASiQnet and G3CARS programs and is the creator of the current BizjetMobile and fflya programs. 

Barry Chapman

CEO Europe, Middle East & Africa

Barry Chapman is CEO of ASIQ Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and its subsidiary BizjetMobile Europe since 2006. Barry oversees ASIQ's development in EMEA including the launch and management of BizjetMobile products CHiiMP, KONNG and fflya. Barry signed European carrier Jetfly in May 2016 as the launch customer for CHiiMP Smart - the world's first Bluetooth Smart system. 

​Prior to joining ASIQ, Barry built a successful International career in the entertainment industry, holding managerial roles at EMI Music Publishing, Triple J Network, News Corporation and Sony. 

John Papageorgiou

Technical Director

John Papageorgiou is Technical Director of the ASI Group, having served in the role for ASiQ Pty Ltd. and ASI Technologies Pty Ltd. since 1998. 
John is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the engineering and customer support function of ASI. He oversees hardware and software product development, and is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of ASI Technologies Pty Ltd. civil aviation certification.
Prior to joining ASI, John held the position of Technical Officer at Telecom for four years and also worked in consultation with the Victorian Police Forensic Department in the development of evidential technology.
John graduated with a Diploma of Electronic Engineering from the University of South Australia.